I wake up each morning with a bounce in my step, and a smile on my face. I’m a competitive Latin dancer, skier, golfer, and workout queen, even though I have severe stenosis and muscular and structural imbalances. I am who I am today because of 20 years of my focus on Pilates.
— Toni M., 74

“I’ve been working with Cheryl for the better part of eight months now. In that time, she has helped me improve my posture, my core strength, my overall strength and my flexibility. I’m a devoted runner and since starting at Pure Pilates I have set personal lifetime best times in the 5 mile, 15k and half marathon distances all while remaining injury free. I’ve been running for the better part of forty years; I am now 64 years old, and in large part because of my work with Cheryl, I am feeling fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been.”

— Paul D.

"I started doing Pilates when a herniated disc and sciatica pain was making it difficult to do everyday activities. I began with very subtle movements due to the pain in my back and leg.  Now 9 years later I continue my Pilates journey. I have been pain free for 8 years and those subtle movements have become advanced exercises. Pure Pilates Studios has been one of the best things to happen to my health."

— Mary G.